Graduand Spotlight; Chelsie Njomo – Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.

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For as long as she can remember, Chelsie Wambui Njomo always had different academic aspirations in life. The candid Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Economics (BBS FE) student, poised to be awarded with a 1stclass honors in the forthcoming graduation, by no stretch of imagination did she ever picture that one day she would pursue Economics.

The thought of wanting to become a Lawyer was all she ever imagined, but as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons make lemonade; the charming Chelsie buckled down and graced herself for the task ahead.

The animated Economic student’s four year journey of uncertainties began when she was weighing the pros and cons of the precise career path to take.

I remember coming to Strathmore University to sign up for the Law course. Upon arrival, I headed straight to the administration block. There I was warmly received before I made my intentions known. Unexpectedly, the events took a different turn; I was persuaded into looking at the brochures for the FE course, a course which was new then.


The 1st born of three children was in a tight spot, her unquestionable desire and passion for Law was now being threatened by her equal love and desire for Math and Business – two subjects she was deeply passionate about.

After looking at the brochures I was drawn so much into the course, this admission posed to be a game changer on my next move. Prior to making any decisions on what I would pursue, I remember consulting a friend of mine who is a Lawyer about my ambitions of studying Law. Shockingly, not to what I had expected to hear, the lady friend advised me not to enroll for Law and instead do an FE related course.


For a moment, the delightful awaiting to be a Finance and Economist guru was on the fence; she was torn between following her passion and doing something that would position her well in the job market. It was all systems go, Chelsie’s mind was made up; she opted to do FE. She got into the overdrive mode and the rest as they say is history.

Chelsie’s achievement was characterized by maintaining a high level of discipline, for her the sky was the limit. Her inner circle of friends was a pivotal factor that aided her in making headway in her studies. Chelsie was determined more than ever to do well in all her units.

 I remember a time we did a CAT and it was so hard. When the CAT results came back, I was taken aback. Some of my colleagues were graded zero out of thirty but myself, I had a good score. At that moment, is when I realized that winners never quit and quitters never win.


During her four year tenure in school, Chelsie was passionately involved in the Strathmore Research Centre for Value Investment where she used to write reports on the general state of the economy, among other things. She became the organizing secretary of the centre in her final year of studies. She also joined the university choir for a short while.

Being at the choir was a very exciting experience. However, I was only engaged in it for a short period of time for the reason that my course was very demanding. A lot of my time was occupied by the constant reading that I had to do so as to keep myself up-to-date with all the units I was pursuing.


Stock Market Development and Economic growth in African frontier market was the topic of research for Chelsie’s 4th year project.

For the duration of her research, Chelsie was very enthusiastic on what she was probing. She was investigating the course of relationship between stock development and economic growth, a study which she based on five countries: Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius and Morocco. Chelsie is very grateful to her research project supervisor Dr. Caroline Wanjiru for seeing her through the entire process.

Chelsie currently works at her parent’s hardware shop. She envisions getting employed and working for a couple of years, before embarking on pursuing her master’s degree in abroad.

As the curtain comes down for Chelsie at Strathmore, the first class honors holder advises her colleagues to always aspire to reach for the moon regardless of the circumstances.

Congratulations to Chelsie on her accomplishment.