Research Centres

The Centre is a platform endorsing evidence-based high quality research in economics and finance, with an emphasis on social and economic themes relevant to developing countries. The Centre has as such consolidated three field-based spheres of research excellence, namely; Financial Economics, Development Economics and Quantitative Finance. The Centre aims to strengthen and support these spheres and as such, we are structuring the required research teams around these to ensure their development as vigorous output-generating vehicles for the Centre. We are also devoting major efforts to increasing leadership in these teams, in order to maximize synergies amongst team members.


The Centre’s mission is “to be as a hub of academic and research excellence through production and promotion of robust research output and high quality analyses directed at providing relevant input in Kenya’s policymaking”.

To achieve this, the Centre boasts of a diverse pool of faculty with both academic and industry experience, and motivated student members, to facilitate research in a wide spectrum of areas in economics and finance.


The Centre’s vision is “to be a leading institution that through its faculty and students has a perceptible impact on society through its high regard for scholarship and discovery in Applied Economics”.

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Centre for Applied Economics

Strathmore Centre for Value Investing, SCVI, is a research centre in the School Of Finance and Applied Economics. It aims to foster investment research aimed at uncovering value for investors in undervalued companies and sectors. Generally in these sectors, information asymmetry is prevalent, and opportunities to unlock value exist. SCVI aims to develop solid criteria for obtaining reasonable and consistent returns commensurate with risk using fundamental analysis. We emphasize value rather than trending and momentum short term strategies.

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Strathmore Centre For Value Investment

The main aim of Data Science Centre is to provide support and infrastructure for solving data centric and data intensive research problems and consequently to motivate, foster, and organize research around data science. The Data Science centre seeks to address a current need for data and information that is faced by researchers around the

Objectives of the data centre comprises of the following components:

  1. Education and training
  2. Research
  3. Consultancy Service
  4. Interdisciplinary Data Repository


  1. Applied Data Science Lab
  2. Educational Programs
  3. Research

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Institute of Mathematical Sciences

The Risk Management Centre (RMC) is a research centre focusing on risk management and disaster management under a common platform of scholarly research and technical expertise. We are unique in the sense that we are the first of a kind in the region to address risk and disaster management issues under one roof.

The RMC focuses on risk management covering various aspects at the micro and institutional levels of market and industry risk, their modelling and management. Disaster management is the second-arm of the centre which involves monitoring and managing natural as well as man-made disasters such as flooding, famine, health epidemics, political violence, etc. These two-arms of research on risk and disaster are founded on and share the common platform in the RMC, which comprises various important databases and a pool of scholarly and industrial experts for the monitoring and analysis of risk and disaster in the East and Central African region.

The RMC is established within the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Strathmore University for the purpose of research, education, and outreach regarding risk and disaster management. As a centre for risk and disaster management, RMC provides information, resources, expertise and networking opportunities to facilitate faculty and student exchange of research ideas as well as providing services to the research community within IMS, Strathmore University, industry as well as the wider community.

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Risk Management Centre

  • The proposed Centre for Health Analytics and Modelling (CHM) is a multi-disciplinary unit under The Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS).

  • The main mandate of the centre is to conduct and coordinate health data analytics and mathematical-health based research in the institute and to initiate, promote and undertake collaborative research with health industry and other institutions of higher learning at local and global level.

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