Bachelor of Business Science: Actuarial Science

The Bachelor of Business Science Actuarial Science degree offered at Strathmore is benchmarked to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) in the UK curriculum. This is an internationally recognized degree that is well regarded by industry. The degree is for a high-achieving student looking for a foundation to enter the actuarial profession. If you have a passion for Mathematics, and like to analyze data to solve business and financial problems, this is the course for you.

Career opportunities

Actuaries analyze past and present data to solve real business problems. A lot of actuarial work is about risk management: assessing how likely an event may be and the costs associated with it. The traditional areas in which actuaries operate are:

  • Consultancy
  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Pensions and other benefits
  • Investment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Health Care


“BBS Actuarial Science has equipped me with the required knowledge to tackle practical issues arising in a business environment. The course enables one to think critically on the ever changing problems arising in a business. ”

Mercy Akoth

Mathew Mue ~ Alumni

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