LaTex Training

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting document preparation system based on TeX. As a free software, LaTeX has stylistic uniformity, bibliography support, sophisticated structuring abilities, reference tracking and highly extendible capabilities. Why the Course: LaTeX guarantees high typographical quality of the documents [thesis, letters, CV, exams, books, office reports etc] which you may want to produce. LaTeX allows you to clearly separate the content from the format of your document. As a writer, this gives you the opportunity to focus on the creative part of your work, rather than how is it going to look when printed out in paper.

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Linda Chaba, Phd
Program Director
Statistical Advisory Unit
Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences
P.O. Box 59857-00200, City Square
Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile Phone: (+254) 725 512 349

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