Research Consultancy

Statistical Advisory Unit(SAU)

Statistical Advisory Unit (SAU) is a professional statistical consultancy board that provides Statistical Advisory Services and Statistical Computing Advice to all staff registered postgraduate and undergraduate students who are engaged in research within and without Strathmore University. In addition, the unit extends these services to schools, faculties, centers and departments of Strathmore University (SU). The Unit also provides statistical consultancy, training in statistics and data management services to a broad client base within and outside the university. This aims at linking university education to industries, government, NGO’s, research organizations and other academic institutions.


To enhance university research by offering quality statistical advice to students, providing consultancy services to departments, schools and faculties of Strathmore University, and to develop collaborations with the industry through consulting projects.


SAU aims to increase the awareness and use of statistical methods in research and for decision making. The specific objectives include;

  • To provide high quality statistical input to research projects.
  • To train interested parties on statistical analysis and use of statistical software.
  • To encourage collaborative research between CARMS and other departments within SU as well as other researchers outside Strathmore.
  • Incorporate data utilization and expertise to inform programs and policy


  1. Short Term Statistical Analysis:

SAU provides short term statistical advice to Strathmore University graduate and undergraduate students who are working on their thesis. Students seeking assistance with their thesis or dissertation should first obtain written approval of their supervisors and schools/faculties before asking for consultancy services. This service is also available to the SU faculty at a cost. Short term services include advice on:

  • Power and sample size calculation
  • Designing experiments and initial plans for data collection and management.
  • Statistical methodology for data analysis.
  • Interpretation of statistical results.
  • Writing Statistical computer program, e.g., R, SPSS Syntax, STATA, Genstat commands etc.
  1. Long Term Collaborative Research:

Long term services aims to promote cross-disciplinary interaction and collaborative research between SAU and its clients in a more involved relationship.

Mode of Service Delivery

    1. One to one appointments

To obtain advice, clients are required to book an appointment online or by completing the Statistical Advisory Unit Booking Form. The appointment booking form describe the clients’ problem carefully, after which they will be advised when they can meet face-to-face with a statistician(s). No Services will be done on phone or by e-mail. However, e-mails can be used to book appointments.

    1. Drop-in session

No booking is required. Clients just drop in for help with smaller problems. This depends on the availability of SAU staff to deliver the required service.

    1. Statistical workshops and seminars

Workshops and seminars are organized in advance and a curriculum developed with clear objectives to be met.

Consulting Rates

The initial consultation meeting with a client is provided at no cost. All subsequent and follow-up visits require financial support. This financial support is provided either through a unit base funding model or through a user fee model.

Under the unit base funding model, a school, a department, a center or a unit contributes to the base funding to support the operations of SAU. The funding provided by the unit will cover some or all the cost of consulting services provided to students and staff in that unit, depending on the amount of funding the unit will have provided. Free consulting is offered to faculty, student researchers and staff in all the participating units. Faculty, student researchers and staff from non-participating units across Strathmore University will receive a one-time half-hour free consultation. Researchers and students from these units can obtain additional help by purchasing additional hours of consulting from SAU at the hourly rate. Under the user fee model, clients are charged for the consulting services they receive according to the rates below.

SAU Hourly Consulting Rates

SAU Hourly Consulting Rates for Strathmore University researchers:

  • Kshs. 500 for masters students
  • Ksh 1000 for PhD students and other researchers

SAU Hourly Consulting Rates for clients outside of Strathmore University

  • Kshs. 1000 for masters students
  • Ksh 1500 for PhD students and other researchers

The fees for the SAU services will cover, in addition to time spent in actual consulting meetings with the clients, research time done by the consultant, time spent on e-mailing or phone consulting with the clients. Strathmore University students and staff can purchase additional consulting time only in agreement with faculty advisors.

SAU Contract Services Rates

More extensive consulting or contract work rates are discussed on individual basis.

For More Details Contact

Linda Chaba, Phd
Program Director
Statistical Advisory Unit
Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences
P.O. Box 59857-00200, City Square
Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile Phone: (+254) 725 512 349