The Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Engineering degree offered at Strathmore is designed as a modern and exciting discipline that prepares students to capitalize on the financial industry’s growing reliance on quantitative analysis. By becoming skilled at data management, modeling, finance theory, and computer programming, students position themselves to land some of the financial world’s most sophisticated and competitive jobs.

Core Body of Knowledge: What should you expect to learn?

Applied Learning Approach

Computational software training

Close and active Industry interaction

Specialized Financial software training

Core Practice Areas



Quant Trading

Risk Management

Asset Management


Global Capital Markets


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“If you are meticulous, have a love for Mathematics and you believe that you are a forward thinker, then the Financial In the short term, I would embrace an opportunity to use my skills in an area of Finance. However, in the long term it is my wish to delve into a non-traditional area. Some of those I am currently exploring are: education, entrepreneurship, policy and regulation”

Munene Keru

Academic Adventure in the USA