Financial Literacy Programme

Are you a recent high school graduate? Join this programme and gain essential skills in budgeting, saving, and investing for a prosperous future.

Kenya, like many other developing countries, faces a pressing need for financial literacy among its young adults. With high school graduation, these individuals embark on the journey of adulthood, facing numerous financial decisions and challenges. However, they often lack the necessary financial skills and knowledge to make informed choices, manage their finances effectively, and seize employment opportunities. This knowledge gap contributes to financial instability and hampers economic growth.

There is an urgent need for a single comprehensive program designed to cater to the diverse needs of young Kenyan adults, whether they plan to pursue higher education immediately or not. This program aims to equip all young adults with essential financial literacy skills, helping them make informed decisions as they navigate the complexities of adulthood, regardless of their educational path.

Strathmore University, known for excellence, modern facilities, renowned faculty, and strong mentorship, is ideal for this program. Its reputation ensures quality, facilities enhance learning, expert educators offer top instruction, and mentorship bridges academia and life challenges. Strathmore empowers Kenyan youth with vital financial skills, boosting future prospects for higher education or other paths.

Cost: Kshs 45,000

Starting Date: Monday, 29th January 2024

Duration: 8 weeks

For more info, please email or call Josemaria on +254 715 425 891


Financial Literacy Programme