About Strathmore University

Strathmore University was started in 1961 as the first multi-racial, multi-religious Advanced-level Sixth Form College offering Science and Arts subjects by a group of professionals, who formed a charitable Educational Trust (now the Strathmore Educational Trust). Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, inspired and encouraged them to start the College.

Strathmore University is a leading not for profit private University operating in Kenya, which aims at serving the Kenyan society to the best of its ability. Strathmore holds a peerless reputation for quality in both academic and professional education and personal information.


“Ut omnes unum sint” is Latin which means “That all may be one”. It expresses our desire to work together towards the same aim, in spite of personal differences, opinion, tastes and backgrounds.


To provide all round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, ethical and social development and service to the society.


To become a leading out- come driven entrepreneurial research University by translating our excellence into major contribution to culture, economic well-being and quality of life.

How to Apply

Although your child will get lots of help and advice from the admissions office as well as their Faculty or School, it’s important you also know what happens and when. Follow our step-by-step plan below so you can help your child through the process.

Testimonials from Parents

We know the most valuable advice you can get is from parents who have already been through the application process. Listen to what parents of Strathmore University students have to say

Financial Aid

To be eligible for financial aid, your child must meet the eligibility criteria for the specific scholarship/loan your child is applying for. The Financial Aid categories that are available for your child include: Full and partial scholarships, Partial tuition loans, Partial sports scholarships, Bursaries, Rebates and Work Study

A Family Benefit is awarded to parents with two or more children undertaking a degree course at the University. The rebate goes to the student with a higher average grade each academic year. Application for the Family Rebate is done annually by filling in a Family Fee Benefit Form and attaching copies of birth certificates and academic transcripts and submitting them to the Financial Aid Office.
Let your child’s dream come true by receiving a Scholarship at Strathmore


There are many privately owned facilities around Strathmore University. Your child will be assisted in finding a hostel by being provided with the relevant information on the different hostel facilities. Click here to view the recommended hostels:

Why Strathmore University

Focus on the Human Person and a Reputation for Excellence

In recognition that students come to Strathmore University from many different places, with different backgrounds, and different needs, every effort is made to provide the best and most comprehensive resources possible for your child’s academic and personal advancement. We take pride in the human person and our tradition of excellence

High Graduate Job Placement

Strathmore University prides itself for having a premier career development service that has contributed to Strathmore graduates being the most preferred by employers.

International Academic Trips

We are keen to offer exposure to your child by offering them an opportunity to participate in an international academic trip. We have so far visited USA, France, South Africa, England among other countries

All Round Education

At Strathmore University, we strive to prepare and empower students for life, not just for employment. We take utmost interest in to making our campus environment the most invigorating and inspiring place it can be for fostering lifelong learning and personal growth and development for your child.

Industrial Attachments

We have cultivated relationships with a wide range of employers in the private, public and non-governmental sectors. We currently have a database of over 2000 employers to whom we are committed to availing top talent

Service to Society

Spreading love and support to the vulnerable in our society through community service is deeply embedded in our mission, our values and ethos at Strathmore University. The Community Service Center offers programs that provide your child with opportunities to be empowered and to empower others in purposeful and love-filled work in the community.

Key Dates

Open Days

Every month of January, each year, we host open days at Strathmore as well as in all Major town in Kenya and in other countries. Visiting a university helps your child make their decision about where to apply and which offer to accept. We encourage parents to go to an Open Day as it’s a great way to get a feel for the university where your child will be spending their time as students.

Parents Seminars

At Strathmore University, we know that parents are increasingly involved in their child’s university life. As such, we pride ourselves in organizing parents’ seminars where parents and guardians get a chance to know the academic progress of their child as well as be trained on their role as parents and guardians. The following is the schedule of the parents’ seminars;

  • Year 1 Parents Seminar: The Month of August
  • Year 2 Parents Seminar: The Month of February
  • Year 3 and Year 4 Parents Seminar: The Month of October

You will always receive an invitation from the Faculty Administrator for the parents’ seminars.


At the end of every semester, the Exams Office posts your child’s exam grades on the Academic Management System. Each student has a “student profile” under the “Academic Management System student module”. Here, your child can view all matters academic, including; Exam Marks, Fee Statement, Class Attendance among others. As a parent, you can easily involve yourself in your child’s progress by regular checking on this platform. We also encourage your child to download “myStrath” app from Google Playstore. This app enables your child to view all of the aforementioned items from the comfort of their mobile gadgets.

Annual Events Calendar

January Team building 18th January 2019 Staff Members
March Deadline for Submission of Research Topics 1st March 2019 Year IV
Parents Seminar 15th March Year II
Staff Meeting Staff Members
Research Project First Draft Year IV
MSc Dissertation submission MSc students
Research Project Final Draft 22nd March 2019
Depart for Hong Kong – Academic Trip 23rd March 2019 Year IV
End of CBA and IBA 29th March 2019 Year III and Year IV
Msc Dissertations sent to external supervisors MSc students
April Depart for Nairobi From HK – Academic Trip 2nd April 2019 Year IV
MSc Dissertation Final Oral presentations 30th April – 2nd May 2019 Msc
May Submission of Final Dissertation Documents 17th May 2019 MSc
SIMS Holy Mass 24th May 2019 SIMS Family
Main Career Fair 31st May 2019 Year IV
June Class of 2019 Seminar 7th June 2019 Graduands
Research proposal Submission 31st June 2019 Year IV
July Staff Meeting 12th July 2019 Staff Members
Beginning of proposal Defenses  – Student Research 31st July 2019 Year IV
August End of Proposal Defenses – Students research 2nd August 2019 Year IV
Beginning of SIMC 2019 12th August 2019 Conference
End of SIMC 20119 16th August 2019
Parents Seminar 24th August 2019 Year I
Research Grade Submission 31st August 2019 Year IV
September SIMS Family Day 13th September 2019 SIMS Family
October Mini Career Fair 31st Octber 2019 Year IV
November Research Project Submission 8th November 2019 Year IV
Parents Seminar Year III & IV
Staff Meeting 15th November Staff Members
Fourth Year Dinner 30th November 2019 Year IV