Events Calendar

January Team building 18th January 2019 Staff Members
March Deadline for Submission of Research Topics 1st March 2019 Year IV
Parents Seminar 15th March Year II
Staff Meeting Staff Members
Research Project First Draft Year IV
MSc Dissertation submission MSc students
Research Project Final Draft 22nd March 2019
Depart for Hong Kong – Academic Trip 23rd March 2019 Year IV
End of CBA and IBA 29th March 2019 Year III and Year IV
Msc Dissertations sent to external supervisors MSc students
April Depart for Nairobi From HK – Academic Trip 2nd April 2019 Year IV
MSc Dissertation Final Oral presentations 30th April – 2nd May 2019 Msc
May Submission of Final Dissertation Documents 17th May 2019 MSc
SIMS Holy Mass 24th May 2019 SIMS Family
Main Career Fair 31st May 2019 Year IV
June Class of 2019 Seminar 7th June 2019 Graduands
Research proposal Submission 31st June 2019 Year IV
July Staff Meeting 12th July 2019 Staff Members
Beginning of proposal Defenses  – Student Research 31st July 2019 Year IV
August End of Proposal Defenses – Students research 2nd August 2019 Year IV
Beginning of SIMC 2019 12th August 2019 Conference
End of SIMC 20119 16th August 2019
Parents Seminar 24th August 2019 Year I
Research Grade Submission 31st August 2019 Year IV
September SIMS Family Day 13th September 2019 SIMS Family
October Mini Career Fair 31st Octber 2019 Year IV
November Research Project Submission 8th November 2019 Year IV
Parents Seminar Year III & IV
Staff Meeting 15th November Staff Members
Fourth Year Dinner 30th November 2019 Year IV