Online Masters September 2020 Intake

Why Study at Strathmore University

  1. GLOBAL EXPOSURE/ INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK: Strathmore’s international faculty and partners, global alumni network and diverse student body connect you with a world of opportunities.
  2. ACADEMIC RIGOUR: Through our innovative research and learning approach, you will enhance your capacity to manage and solve business challenges.
  3. PEOPLE-FOCUSED: We believe that putting people at the center of decisions is essential to sustainable business growth and outstanding business education.
  4. TEACHING STAFF: Our dedicated teaching staff are active professionals who will bring you face-to-face with real situations. You will learn through:
  • case studies
  • innovative teaching
  • individualized attention and guidance, and
  • Small class groups.
  1. TIMELY COMPLETION OF STUDIES: Students are assured of completion of an uninterrupted learning period of 2 years.
  2. WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES: Strathmore has avant-garde architecture that has been designed and built uniquely and in compliance with energy conservation requirements. This ensures delivery of a rich and holistic learning experience for its students.

Expected Outcomes as a result of Studying at Strathmore

  1. REALISTIC APPROACH: You will adopt a reflective, analytical, participative approach to education and consequently to your career.
  2. GREAT COUNSEL: Our lecturers and coaches are experts in their respective fields and they will be a resource to help you develop a new perceptive and see new opportunities.
  3. POWERFUL NETWORKS: You will learn from and alongside diverse, talented classmates as you share a transformative journey together. As such, you will develop a network of friends and contacts that will last a lifetime.
  4. EXCEPTIONAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE: You will acquire skills to take on any challenge and think critically backed by solid fundamental knowledge. As a result, you will gain hands-on-experience to tackle real life.
  5. COMPETITIVE SKILLS: Strathmore aims to help you develop leadership skills, which will be useful in the world of work. Your investment will have a high return in terms of your competitive advantage.

Programmes on Offer

Master of Science: Biomathematics

The Master of Science in Biomathematics focuses on methods of applied mathematics and mathematical modelling needed to provide quantitative answers to practical questions in biomedical research. A key characteristic of this program is the careful integration of mathematical methods with the theory and practice of modern computational biology. The objective of the Program is to produce graduates with a rigorous foundation in the mathematical modelling of biological systems, and with practical ability in biomedical modelling.

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Master of Science: Mathematical Finance

The pace of change in the financial sector has never been faster than it is today. Rapid innovation and interdependency in the field of investment, risk management, and financial product development have necessitated the need for individuals with adept quantitative skills and an advanced understanding of the theoretical concepts underlying financial markets today.

The Master of Science in Mathematical Finance offered at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Strathmore University covers material in finance with a deep interaction and contribution from fields such as statistics, computing, and applied mathematics. The program provides fundamental training for a successful graduate who is in or seeking a career in analytical industry practice or related academic research in finance.

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Master of Science: Statistical Science

Statistical skills are important in all applied sciences such life sciences, medicine and related fields, physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences and are becoming increasingly so in emerging fields that require analysis of complex data such as marketing and finance. There is a constant demand for graduates with these skills in both industry and academia. The Masters of Science in Statistical Science offered at the Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Strathmore University, provides an excellent balance between theory and application. The broad base of training in the important areas of statistical sciences will allow the student to successfully progress into professional employment or research.

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