John Ocheche

John Ocheche


Actuarial Science

I hold BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in Actuarial Science, and currently lecture on the BBS degree programmes (Actuarial Science, Financial Engineering, and Financial Economics) at Strathmore.

I am also part of the team that initiated and runs the Financial Modelling and Business Valuation Exec. Ed. course at Strathmore. The course is useful in helping participants apply tools to gain insight into prospective financial decisions, carry out scenario tests and sensitivity analyses to check potential outcomes, and consequently choose BEST decisions. The course has received favourable acceptance amongst diverse organisations including GoK Departments, NGOs, Commercial Banks, PE Funds, and Consulting Firms.

Prior to Strathmore I worked in Actuarial Consulting at Actuarial Services (EA) Ltd where my main role was developing pricing models for new life and general insurance products, and carrying out actuarial valuations. A key accomplishment in this role was developing Financial Projections as part of statutory requirements for a new insurer looking to set up business in Kenya. The projections were deemed reasonable, and the insurer granted a license by the IRA (Insurance Regulatory Authority) to operate a business that has turned out to be very profitable.

At Strathmore I have delivered lectures on the following course units:

  • Financial mathematics 1, and 2
  • Time series analysis and forecasting (using Python)
  • Statistical methods
  • Risk management
  • Actuarial modelling
  • Practical actuarial modelling (using Advanced MS Excel)
  • Life contingencies 1, and 2


Ongoing research in Emerging and Frontier Stocks Markets: Time Series Characteristics.

Results will be updated here