John Ocheche

John Ocheche


Actuarial Science

I hold BSc and MSc Degrees in Actuarial Science both from the University of Nairobi, and currently a lecture on the Bachelor of Business Science Degree programmes at Strathmore University. I also have significant experience in actuarial consulting from a previous role as Actuarial Analyst at ACTSERV [Actuarial Services EA Ltd.]

My main role at ACTSERV was actuarial modelling; carrying out statutory valuations for life insurers and developing cash-flows for their new and existing products. The cash-flow models were especially useful to the insurers because they formed a reasonable basis for decisions on whether and how to sell new products, and the impact of those products on their ‘bottom-line’. In addition, the models allowed for Scenario Testing and Sensitivity Analysis for different factors on cash-flows. Stress Testing the models served to illustrate the impact of some major risks inherent in the insurers’ business!

At Strathmore I have delivered lectures on the following course units:

  • Introduction to Actuarial Science
  • Statistical Methods
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Practical Actuarial Modelling
  • Financial Mathematics

Life Contingencies

My research interests are in Actuarial Risk Modelling and Application of Modelling Techniques in non-traditional areas. I hold a view that modelling principles and practices are applicable in a variety of businesses and non-business institutions where past data and data on present trends can be ‘modelled’ to give some indication on what the future values of those data are and, in that way, used to inform decisions made in light of an uncertain future.

I am also interested in and [consult considerably] on Analytics in Finance and Business Operations.

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