Gillian Nduku Kimundi

Gillian Nduku Kimundi

Teaching Fellow, Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences(SIMS)

Gillian is a Teaching Fellow in the Institute, a role that involves lecturing, research and administration. Her specialization is in Financial Economics and Mathematical and Quantitative Methods (particularly Asset Pricing, Portfolio Choice and Management, Time Series Analysis, Panel Data Methods). She is also responsible for co-ordinating Undergraduate Research within the Institute. Before this, Gillian was Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, from 2016 to June 2018. In this role, she provided academic program support to the Institute through teaching and research, where she worked with top professors and lecturers in the University in Asset Pricing, Empirical Finance, Risk Management and Advanced Econometrics. In this time, she authored two research papers and presented at the 2016 and 2017 Kenya Bankers Association 5th and 6th Annual Conference (annual conference with a working paper series to share preliminary findings of banking sector research). Gillian pursued a MSc Mathematical Finance (June 2018) and a BBS Financial Economics (2016) from Strathmore University, as well as an ACCA qualification (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) with 12 out of 14 papers completed.

Kariuki, C., Kimundi, G., & Makambi, S. (2018). The Nexus between Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability in the Kenyan Banking Sector. KBA Banking Research Working Paper Series 2018.

KBA Banking Research Working Paper Series 2018 (No. 29)

Makambi, S., Muhindi, R., & Nduku, G. (2017). Influence of Bank Lending to the Government on Private Sector Credit in Kenya: A Fiscal Deficit Specification. KBA Banking Research Working Paper Series 2017

KBA Banking Research Working Paper Series 2017 (No 18)

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