Teaching Faculty

Prof. Livingstone Luboobi


I am a Visiting Professor of Biomathematics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Strathmore University, Kenya

And a former Professor of Biomathematics in the Department of Mathematics, Makerere University

I am also an Adjunct Professor in Applied Mathematics at Nelson

Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-

AIST), Arusha Tanzania

Former Vice Chancellor, Makerere University, Uganda (2004 – 2009).

I obtained                 BSc.(Maths) from University of East Africa at Makerere College (1970);

M.A.Sc (Operations Research) from the University of Toronto, Canada (1972);

PhD (Applied Math – Biomathematics) from the University of Adelaide, Australia (1980). Research Project was entitled: Mathematical models for a population of insects infesting stored cereal products

– Supervised by Dr. William Henderson (deceased).

My students and I have made significant contribution to the development of the field of Biomathematics in the region, with special emphasis on research in mathematical epidemiology, particularly infectious diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Trypanosomiasis, Ebola, Rift Valley Fever. I  was the first President of the African Society for Biomathematics (ASB); a member of the International Biometric Society; a member of the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology; and Chairperson of the Board of Governors for the Inter-University

Council for East Africa (July 2008 – June 2009). I am  a Fellow and member of Council of

Uganda National Academy of Sciences, a member of the Advisory Board for East Africa

University Mathematics Programme – supported by International Science Programme (Uppsala, Sweden). While Vice Chancellor I initiated the Makerere University Private Sector Forum intended to bridge the gap between the University and the Private Sector.

Twenty of Prof. L.S. Luboobi’s Publications

Ssematimba, A., Mugisha, J.Y.T. & Luboobi, L.S. (2005). Mathematical Models  for the Dynamics of Tuberculosis in Density-dependent Populations: The Case of Internally Displaced Peoples’ Camps (IDPCs) in Uganda.  J. Math. & Stat., 1(3), 217-224.

Luboobi, L.S., Mugisha, J.Y.T. & Kasozi, J. (Guest Eds) (2005). Special issue –  Biomathematics of International Journal of Management and Systems (IJOMAS), Vol. 21 (3), pp 193-283.

Baryarama, F., Luboobi, L.S. & Mugisha, J.Y.T. (2005). Periodicity of the

HIV/AIDS Epidemic in a Mathematical Model that Incorporates Complacency. Am. J. Inject. Dis., 1(1), 55-60

Luboobi, L.S. and Mugisha J.Y.T. (2005). HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa:  Trends and Challenges. Nota di Lavoro 103.

Tumwiine, J., Mugisha, J.Y.T. and Luboobi, L.S.  (2007): On Oscillatory pattern  of malaria dynamics in a population with temporary immunity. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 8(3): 191 – 203

Tumwiine, J., Mugisha, J.Y.T. and Luboobi, L.S. (2008).  Threshold and

Stability Results for Malaria Model in a Population with Protective Intervention among High-risk Groups.  Math. Modelling and Anal. 13(3): 443-460.

Nannyonga, B., Mugisha J.Y.T. and Luboobi, L.S. (2011). Evaluating the  effectiveness of DDT house spraying in persistent and re-emerging malaria. Africa Mathematica, DOI 10.1007/s133700-011-0053-7.

Hasifa Nampala, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Joseph Y.T. Mugisha, and Celestino  Obua (2013). HIV dynamics in the liver: A mathematical model. Mathematical Biosciences 242, 77 – 85.

Waema R. Mbogo, Livingstone S. Luboobi and John W. Odhiambo (2013).  Mathematical Model for HIV and CD4+ Cells Dynamics in Vivo. IEJPAM 6 (2), 83 – 103.

Waema R. Mbogo, Livingstone S. Luboobi and John W. Odhiambo (2013).

Stochastic Model for In-Host HIV Dynamics with Therapeutic Intervention ISRN

Biomathematics vol. 2013, ID 103708, 11pages. http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/103708

Monica Kung’aro, Livingstone S. Luboobi and Francis Shahada (2014).Reproduction  Number for Yellow Fever Dynamics between Primates and Human Beings.

Available online at http://scik.org Commun. Math. Biol. Neurosci. 2014, 2014:5, ISSN: 2052-2541

Janeth James Ngana, Livingstone Serwadda Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov (2014).

Modelling the migratory population dynamics of the Serengeti ecosystem.

Applied and Computational Mathematics 3(4): 125-129

Goodluck Mika Mlay, Livingstone Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Francis Shahada (2015). Optimal treatment and vaccination control strategies for the dynamics of pulmonary tuberculosis. Int. J. Adv. Appl. Math. & Mech. 2(3) (2015) 196 – 207 (ISSN: 2347-2529). Journal homepage: www.ijaamm.com.

Hellen Namawejje, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov And Eric Wobudeya (2015). Bifurcation Analysis of Model for the Effect of Vaccination on the

Transmission Dynamics of Rotavirus Disease. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Applications. Volume 2015, Article Id ama0235, 32 Pages ISSN 2307-7743 http://Scienceasia, Asia.

Hellen Namawejje, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Eric Wobudeya (2014). Mathematical Model for the Effects of Treatment and Vaccination

Controls on the Dynamics of Rotavirus Disease with reference to Uganda. J.

Math. Comput. Sci. 4 (2014), No. 5, 958-991, ISSN: 1927-5307, Available online at http://scik.org.

Nampala H, Luboobi LS, Mugisha JYT, Obua C, Jablonska-Sabuka M, and Matti Heilio (2015). Modelling Effective Antiretroviral Therapy that Inhibits HIV Production in the Liver. J Antivir Antiretrovir ISSN: 1948-5964 JAA, an open access journal Volume 7(2): 043-051 (2015) – 44 http://dx.doi.org/10.4172/jaa.1000118.

Tesfaye Tadesse Ega, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov (2015).

Modeling the Dynamics of Rabies Transmission with Vaccination and Stability Analysis. Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM), Vol.4(6), 409 419.

Published online October 9, 2015

(http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/j/acm), doi:10.11648/j.acm.20150406.13

Ian G.Munabi, Samuel Abilemech Luboga, Livingstone Luboobi, and Florence Mirembe (2016). Association between Maternal Pelvis Height and Intrapartum Foetal Head  Moulding in Ugandan Mothers with Spontaneous Vertex Deliveries. Obstetrics and Gynecology International, Volume 2016, Article ID 3815295, 7 pages, http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2016/3815295

Irunde, J.I., Luboobi, L.S. and Nkansah-Gyekye, Y., (2016). Modeling the  effect of tobacco smoking on the in-host dynamics of HIV/AIDS. Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science, 6(3), pp.406-436.

Ismail,S., Luboobi, L.S. and Nkansah-Gyekye, Y.(2016). Modelling the  dynamics of Hepatitis Virus and Immune System during Acute Infection. Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling.6 (6): 111-134.

Ngeleja, R.C., Luboobi, L. and Nkansah-Gyekye, Y. (2016). Stability Analysis of  Bubonic Plague Model with the Causing Pathogen Yersinia pestis in the Environment. Advances in Infectious Diseases, 6, 120-137.


Selemani, M. A., Luboobi, L. S. and Nkansah-Gyekye, Y. (2016). On stability of the  in-human host and in-mosquito of malaria parasites. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Applications. 2016.

Supervised PhD Research Projects to Completion


Nabasirye, M. Ph.D (Biometry) (1996): Statistical Inference on Crop Resistance Indices

Simwa, R. (Ph.D.)(1998): Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of AIDS Epidemic with reference to Kenya and Uganda.

Mugisha J.Y.T (Ph.D.) (2000): The Spread of HIV/AIDS Pandemic in (Age-) structured  Populations. 

Mutonyi d’Ujanga, F. (PhD – Physics)(2002): Modelling the Porosity Dependence of Electrical Conductivity of Ceramics.

Besigye-Bafaki, E.G. (PhD) (2002): Mathematical Modelling of Schistosomiasis Causes in Uganda Community.

Koda, G (Ph.D University of Dar es Salaam) (2003).  Simulation of Optimal Preference Models of Coping in Populations with high rate of Catastrophic Adult Illness and Death.

Baryarama, F. (Ph.D.) (2005): HIV/AIDS Mathematical Models incorporating 

                                    Awareness, Staged Progression and Complacency

Tumwine, J (PhD Mbarara Univ. of S&T) (2007): Mathematical Models for the dynamics  of Malaria in a Human Host and Mosquito vector with Temporary Immunity

Bagabo, S. (PhD) (2009): Wood Energy Technology Diffusion and Adoption around              Protected Areas: The Case of Mt. Elgon National Park.

Kaluuba, L.L (PhD) (2010): A Comparative Analysis of the Potential of Robust Coding          Schemes in Emerging Wireless Technologies.

Nanyonga, B. (PhD) (2011). Modelling the severity of dual and co-infection with Malaria                  in populations with persistent and re-emerging infections

Mbogo, Rachel Waema (PhD, Strathmore Univ., Kenya) (2014): Intra-Host Stochastic Models for HIV Dynamics and Management.

Mpeshe, Saul Chilongola (PhD, NM-AIST)(2014): Mathematical Modelling Of The  Impact Of Climate Change On The Dynamics Rift Valley Fever.

Nampala, Hasifa (PhD) (2015): Modelling the Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on the Dynamics of HIV/HBV co-infection.

Namawejje, Hellen – (PhD – NM-AIST) (2016): Mathematical Models for Control 

Strategies for Rotavirus Disease: The Case of Uganda

Kung’aro, M (PhD – NM-AIST) (2016): Computational Modelling and Optimal Control  of Yellow Fever Disease

Mlay, Goodluck (PhD – NM-AIST) (2016): Modelling the Dynamics of 

Tuberculosis Under Control Strategies in Case of Tanzania

Email Address: lluboobi@strathmore.edu