SIMS’ Students Present Research Papers – 2016 Global Development Finance Conference

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The Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS) students; Linda Njeri, Thuo Mathi, Sharon Macharia and Richard Macharia, presented research papers at the recently concluded Global Development Finance Conference held in Durban city, South Africa.

The conference, organized by the Review of Development Finance Journal, focused on making sense of research in emerging markets banking, finance and insurance. The scientific committee chaired by Prof Nicholas Biekpe – President, Africa growth Institution South Africa, was composed of renowned persons from fields of development finance such as Dr Adeleke Salami (ADP bank) and Kenneth Mwenda (World Bank).

Presentations were made by practitioners in various facets of development finance including academia, development finance practitioners, and researchers from institutions working in areas of development finance including development institutions such as Central Bank and Commercial Bank.

Under the theme Finance and Development Economics, the four students gave an impressive presentation on the following Individual papers:

Linda Njeri– Equity Investment Analysis: The Case of Private University Endowment,

Macharia Mwangi– Significance of Volatility components for pricing in an emerging market,

Sharon Macharia– Portfolio diversification fundamental indexing against capitalization weighted indexing; a case of Kenya,

Thuo Mathi– Impact of Demographic changes on Equity Returns in Kenya.


“The experience was exhilarating as most other scholars were doctoral students or PhD holders, each at the top of their field, yet I had just completed my undergraduate exams. It was also very humbling to be able to critique and pose questions to those scholars and have them review my work as well.” Linda Njeri.

The conference having attracted a diversity of presenters  and panelists ,majority from Africa, provided an avenue for networking through their interaction with renown practitioners in the field of Development Finance gaining insights to further improvement into their individual areas of research, future career paths and advice on potential masters programs available across the world. The cross cultural interactions gave them an opportunity to share experiences and different perceptions to life as they enjoyed the serene atmosphere provided by the ocean view in Durban city.

“The experience was great, very profound and exciting. I would like to thank our lecturer Dr. Ferdinand Othieno, our acting Dean, for his support throughout our stay there. I would also like to thank the University management for making such opportunities possible for students. To my fellow students, I would encourage all to take up such opportunities whenever made available, since they serve as good stepping stones as we all venture into our future careers.” Sharon Macharia