Graduand Spotlight: Anne Keru – Most Outstanding Female Student SFAE

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Top Actuarial Science student, Anne Keru Munene is set to graduate with a First Class Honours from the School of Finance and Applied Economics.


 Anne’s root to success, involved her reading ahead before attending class, and her benchmarking with top notch universities which enabled her to rise through the ranks.


This first born in a family of three children is a lady of strong will and was voted Most Outstanding Female Student by fellow SFAE classmates.


How did you get to Strathmore University?

At Kabare Girls’ Secondary School in Kirinyaga County where I got an A in my KCSE national examination, Strathmore University visited to give a talk on the courses they offer. I got interested in studying ACCA.

Immediately after High School, I enrolled for ACCA and during this time of study, I learnt about Actuarial Science which suited the aspects I was looking for in a course.

Why Actuarial Science and ACCA?

I considered three facets before choosing my course.

I wanted to do a course that is challenging, and has a touch of diversity and global reach. Actuarial science has all these aspects.

I took up ACCA because of my love for business studies. It was also more of a bridge to campus which was key especially in accounting. Besides, it is globally documented.

How was your Strathmore Experience?

I had a very diverse and great learning experience. Each year I had an immense milestone in my life.

Joining in June 2011, a team building session dubbed I am a Co-operator made me feel comfortable being a student at Strathmore.

Over the years, I have been learning quite a lot since I was involved in various activities in the school.

Which Activities are these?

Mostly, I would be involved with community outreach programs and attending work camps. Every single month in 2012, I used to go to Kitui to mentor young girls.

In 2013, I was involved in a Biomimicry program (an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies) I had an opportunity to work with Austrian students online.

In 2014, I got the chance to fly to Austria to participate in the Summer Semester Collaborative Lab (SScoLab) at FH Burgenland where I worked hand in hand with the Engineering students there.

In my fourth year, I presented my fourth year project at Strathmore Research Week and became the best student in oral presentation.

For the club activities, I was in the Strathmore Actuarial Science Societies, where I was a member at first and in 2013, I was elevated to vice chairperson. In the following year, I led the club as the chairperson and one time, took part in dancing which was during 2015 Strathmore Mashariki day.

In 2015, I have been helping the students’ council by giving them brilliant ideas.

Lastly, I was also the module representative in most of my units.

How did you balance academics and all these activities?

Primarily, I loved what I did and gave it my all. I always read ahead before attending any class so that while I am in class, I listened keenly and asked questions on areas I did not understand while reading. Consistency in reading is key especially when involved in a number of activities which sometimes take most of your time. Participation in class was very helpful for me and the resources around me.

What Academic resources did you rely on?

Essentially, I would depend on my lecturers. The library came in handy as well, when I wanted to research before attending a class and during revision. I used to benchmark with other universities by learning online with sites like EDX and Coursera. Sometimes I used YouTube to learn a number of things. The internet therefore has been of great help.

Do you have a role model?

My parents are my champion role models because of their work ethics and character. They emphasize on integrity.

My mentor, Ms. Joy Goopio – Director Strathmore Centre for Tourism and Hospitality, is my other significant role model. Her personality inspires me especially when she emphasizes on the dignity of a person by treating everyone with respect regardless of the ranks.

I also admired the late boxer Muhammad Ali and tennis player Serena William, whose stories are inspiring in terms of their dedication.

Pope Francis is commendable for his concept of humility and spirit of service which I am learning to emulate.

What motivates you in life?

The blessings I have received from God.

I am also motivated by the impact I have, to bring forth to the world everything I do.

What are you currently doing and what are your plans in future?

I am a graduate assistant at SFAE. Very soon I will be moving to a consulting firm called Open Capital. I am also working on a number of researches.

Later, I would want to go to grad school then come back to Strathmore for Academia.

My long term plan is being involved in governance of this country, probably being the governor of Nyandarua County or policy maker of this country.

Congratulations Anne on your great successes.