Sahib Singh Khosla FIA

Sahib Singh Khosla


Sahib Singh Khosla is an Academic Actuary with Strathmore University’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He is the only Actuary currently working in academia in Sub Saharan Africa. Prior to his current role, he has been engaged with Strathmore University part-time since the very first cohort of actuarial science students in 2013.
At the school level – he is currently the subject leader for actuarial science and lectures on the core applicatory practical unit spread across the program years. He has been involved in curriculum updates and discussions on the international professional accreditation of the program. At the university level – he has provided technical advisory on core risk management matters.

He is a qualified and experienced professional with over a decade of practice in both public and private sector institutions spanning all the facets of Financial Services including Industry, Regulatory, Consulting and Academia.

Sahib is the founder and lead practitioner of his actuarial, risk & financial training and consultancy firm AgencyAdvisory. He has undertaken projects of various aspects for Insurers, pension funds and banking entities in Eastern Africa. Some of his roles are statutory in nature and have a fundamental bearing on society as they are performed for regulated entities that exist for public interest and good. He started his actuarial career working in the Life insurance & pensions market with a leading homegrown actuarial consulting firm. He then served with the Kenyan Insurance regulator after which he took up a role as Head of Actuarial, Risk & Compliance functions at a niche, profit-leading General Insurer in Kenya leading teams of Actuarial and Risk Management staff and reporting to the Board of the Company.

Sahib is a Fellow of the prestigious Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, United Kingdom, and a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of Kenya. He is among the first 40 Fellows in East and Central Africa in the actuarial space in a population of 400 million people. He also holds a MSc Degree in Actuarial Management from leading global business school at City University, London, and an Honors BSc Degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Nairobi. He undertook his master studies on a Government of Kenya National Actuarial Scholarship as its inaugural recipient. His Master’s research project, on the introduction of a commodities future exchange in Kenya, is used as a reference resource by the Kenyan Capital Market’s Authority. He has numerous other experiences in varied sectors ranging from logistics, migration, FMCG as well as other financial institutions where he has served under different capacities.

He is passionate about nurturing the actuarial and risk management space as a leader on the African continent. He is a regular speaker at the Actuarial Society of Kenya’s annual conference and has presented on risk governance matters at Strathmore’s Risk convention. He has held positions of trust and responsibility as a member-nominated Trustee. In his pro-bono capacity, he is currently elected the Board General Secretary & Chair of the Education Working Party of the Actuarial Society of Kenya and Board General Secretary of Khalsa Schools.

Sahib is analytical by nature and lives & breathes long-term risk management both in his professional and personal life. He is passionate about managing risks to develop a better, fairer world.