Dr. Collins Ojwang’

Dr. Collins Ojwang’

Lecturer, Statistics

Dr. Collins Ojwang’ has 7 years lecturing experience at Kenyan University and 10 years practical strategic information experience, having worked with a number of reputable international organizations including Strathmore University, CRISS Plus, Pathfinder International (Kenya), Liverpool VCT, and PACT CoE, a collaborative program between the University of Maryland, Institute of Human Virology and University of Nairobi, School of Medicine both as a senior data analyst and a technical advisor for monitoring and evaluation at technical, policy and managerial level. He has been involved in monitoring and evaluating clinical, nutritional, laboratory, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, youth, gender, counseling and training data at various activity sites at community level and at national level. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience in HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria treatment strategies, maternal and child healthcare issues, gender based violence, sexual minority groups, FP, HIV/AIDS/ TB, RH & malaria public health programs, methods, processes and techniques used to plan, develop, implement and evaluate results of prevention and treatment; progressive hands- on experience in community based programs and trainings for health workers and community members. Dr. Collins Ojwang’ Odhiambo holds a PhD in Applied Statistics at Strathmore University: Thesis title-Smooth Goodness-of-Fit for composite hypothesis with recurrent events models. He holds a Master of Science degree in Biometry from University of Nairobi and a First Class Honours, Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics from Maseno University, Kenya.

Dr Collins has significant experience in health science research and in-depth knowledge in statistical modeling. He has experience in practical study design methodology, computing and advanced analysis. He also has strong background and significant expertise in programme conceptualization, design, monitoring and evaluation, research and analytics with an in-depth understanding of study goals and implementation; setting up functional M&E systems and mechanisms for AB, HIV, VCT, PMTCT, Family Planning/ Reproductive Health, vulnerable groups services and institutional capacity building; formulating data policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) on data cleaning, merging, exporting/importing, transposing, aggregation and weighting.

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Email Address: codhiambo@strathmore.edu
Telephone Number: + 254 703 034 104