Evans Otieno Omondi

Evans Otieno Omondi

Doctoral Fellow

Applied Mathematics

I am a doctoral fellow in the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of Strathmore
University (SIMS). I have a lot of research interest in Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases with a sole aim of providing a solution towards having a world free of infectious diseases.

My current work is centered on assessing the HIV treatment programmes in Kenya with the main focus of establishing the most viable and optimal ways of controlling and eventual eradication of HIV infections.

I received my Masters of Science in Mathematics from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa in December 2016. I also hold a Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch in collaboration with African Institute of Mathematical Science(AIMS), South Africa December 2015) and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics from University of Eldoret in Kenya (December, 2013).

Prior to pursuing my Masters education, I worked as a customer advisor to Barclays Bank of Kenya from December 2013 to December 2014.

At the Strathmore University, I teach the following courses

    1. MAT 1102: Business mathematics I (undergraduate class).
    2. MAT 2102: Introduction to business statistics (undergraduate class).
    3. DBM 1103: Business mathematics (diploma class)
    4. DBM 2101: Statistics for management (diploma class).
    5. Teaching programming and computing units:- LATEXand computing; R programming,
      SPSS, Matlab and Mathematica.

The main objective of my research work is to use mathematical and statistical methodologies to gain insights into the spread of epidemics. I focus more on control dynamics and the investigation of the impact of interventions in human diseases for the purpose of informing public health policy. The details of my recent projects are outlined below.

Msc. Thesis: A mathematical model for onchocerciasis and its treatment with ivermectin

My thesis focused on the application of optimal control to the onchocerciasis model and assessment of ivermectin in the treatment of onchocerciasis.

PhD Project (On going):Modelling HIV/AIDS management through testing and treatment in Kenya.

This is an on-going project aimed at modelling the introduction and transmission of HIV/AIDS within and between di erent risk groups and treatment of HIV/AIDS in Kenya including the roll out of PrEP.


(i) Omondi, E.O, F. Nyabadza and R.J. Smith?. Modelling the impact of mass administration of ivermectin in the treatment of onchocerciasis (river blindness). Cogent Mathematics (In press).

(ii) Omondi, E.O, Orwa, T.O and F. Nyabadza. Application of optimal control to the onchocerciasis transmission model with treatment. Journal of Mathematical Biosciences (In press).

(iii) Omondi, E.O, Nyabadza F, Bonyah E, Badu K, (2017). Modeling the infection dynamics of onchocerciasis and its treatment. Journal of Biological Systems, Vol. 25,No. 2, pg. 247-277.

Evans Otieno Omondi,
PO Box 59857 – 00200, City Square, Nairobi – Kenya,
E-mail: eomondi@strathmore.edu,
Cell: +254(0) 720 743609; +254(0) 735 743609.