Professional Actuarial Training (PAT®) Program

Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries and professions. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through education and experience. Actuaries are consequently trained professionals who use their knowledge of probability, statistics, and specific models to evaluate and price risks. Strathmore University’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences rolled out the actuarial program in 2010 under its BBS program and had its pioneer class graduating in June 2014.

Why the PAT® Program?

We leverage the following strengths to guarantee excellence in delivery:

  1. Extensive and dynamic classroom training for all IFOA exams (CTs, CAS, ST, and SAS).
  2. Bridge the gap between Actuarial Students and Employers.
  3. Conduct regular tests to evaluate and improve the student’s understanding.
  4. Personalized mentoring.
  5. Contact to an experienced pool of trainers including visiting Fellow and Associate actuaries.
  6. The Actuarial Academy: an in-house exam revision tool kit

The PAT® Program Offering

  1. IFoA Actuarial Exams Coaching:

We provide coaching for Professional Actuarial Exams based on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK. We provide the right tools to clear the actuarial exams. We understand that every student is special and has a different need and capacity to learn. We have a panel of teachers who specialize in their subject and provide classroom training for IFOA series exams.

  1. Financial Modelling:

In addition to the coaching for Professional Actuarial Exams, we offer as an additional package Financial Modelling Training free of charge for all students enrolled in the PAT® program. Financial Modeling is one of the most fundamental and widely sought after skills in the actuarial, finance and investment industries. We leverage the versatility of MS Excel to equip learners.

  1. Actuarial Academy:

The Actuarial Academy will be a revision series conducted prior to every exam sitting to equip students enrolled in the PAT® program with exam techniques. The Academy will attract among others a pool of global actuaries and trainers to guide on exam techniques.

  1. Networking:

The PAT® program provides unprecedented networking opportunities for students enrolled. You will meet and interact with key industry thought leaders, local and international experienced actuaries, and like-minded students.

Program Structure

The program will run twice annually in line with the two Exam sitting windows of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

First Module: Jan – April

Second Module: July – Sept


Mon-Fri: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am – 1:00pm


To register to the PAT® program in Strathmore University, all interested students should bring the following items:

  • Original and copy of birth certificate
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Originals and copy of ID or Passport
  • Registration fees of KES 1,000

Apart from CT1 non-member candidates, all other students must provide proof of membership to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries prior to enrollment. Please note that applicants who do not succeed to register with the IFoA and/or fail to enter for exams will not be refunded fees or have their fees carried forward to a later intake other than the current one. Fees paid to PAT cannot be transferred from one application to another.

Calculator Policy

Students enrolled in the PAT® program should ensure they adhere to the IFoA’s calculator policy and keep checking its website to check on policy changes.

Pricing Model

The Cost per Paper will be Ksh 30,000. However, a discount policy of 50% will be extended to all Strathmore University Students who enroll in the program. The lecturers will be paid at a rate of 1, 500 per hour. The Director of the program will be given a small allowance on negotiated terms as well as per the financial performance of the program

For More Details Contact

Meleah Oleche
Program Director
Professional Actuarial Training (PAT®)
Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences
P.O. Box 59857-00200, City Square
Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile Phone: (+254) 718 763 493

Registration Procedure

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