Being an actuary is a lucrative career but it requires hard work

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The number of actuaries in the country is about 48, compared to zero in Uganda and one in Tanzania. Aspiring to join this list is Olivia Muraa Keri, a first-year Actuarial Science student. She shares a name with Keri campus and a river in India. She is well read and can easily recommend your next read lifted from African writers; Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, or Ngugi wa Thiong’o. She shares her thoughts on Actuarial Science and navigating life in Strathmore University.

What is your experience so far in the Actuarial Science course?

The course is tough. However, I cannot think of any other course I would be happier in. I will therefore stick with it to the very end. It is a lucrative career but it requires a lot of work.

Do you enjoy it?

I do. And that is an aspect that keeps me going. Being passionate in it helps me realise that if there is something I am struggling to understand now, I will eventually absorb it because it is worth it.

Why did you choose Actuarial Science?

I love mathematics – Actuarial Science employs maths to analyse – I have done so since I was in high school. Initially, I had thought of joining the law school but I think the world of numbers is a perfect fit for me.

A person who had an effect on my choice of career was our neighbor. The image she cut of a young woman and a successful financial analyst inspired me to think that if she can do it, so can I.

What would you like to do after completing the degree?

(Enthusiastically) I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Statistics. One of the units I am currently doing is probability and statistics. Our lecturer, Dr. Ouma Onyango, makes the subject relatable and I would like to delve further into it.

What extracurricular activities would you like to carry on from high school?  

I was part of the Model United Nations (MUN) while in high school. It gave me an opportunity to interact with the diplomatic world. I am waiting for the application window for new members of the Strathmore MUN club so that I can apply for membership.

How many are you in your family?

I am the first born of five. By virtue of being the first born, I have grown up to be responsible; I often have to look out for my younger siblings.

What iss your typical weekend like?

I enjoy cooking so that takes up a chunk of my weekend. I spend time with my younger sister who is a candidate. I also finish up assignments that are due.

What do you enjoy most about Strathmore University?

The campus is beautiful. A few years back, we drove by the university and I fell in love with it. I made a mental note that I would study here; I did not know what I would study but I was sure that this is where I would get my degree.

Other than that, I appreciate our lecturers; they are approachable. If I need to discuss anything outside class, I feel I am able to.

This article was written by Wambui Gachari.

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