The Master of Science in Biomathematics focuses on methods of applied mathematics and mathematical modeling needed to provide quantitative answers to practical questions in biomedical research. A key characteristic of this programme is the careful integration of mathematical methods with the theory and practice of modern computational biology. The objective of the Programme is to produce graduates with a rigorous foundation in the mathematical modeling of biological systems, and with practical ability in biomedical modeling.



The Master of Science in Biomathematics offered at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Strathmore University, provides the student with skills suitable for a research career in the field of mathematical medicine and biology. These careers include but not limited to: Agricultural and Food Scientist, Biochemists and Biophysicist, Biomedical Engineer, Geoscientist, Hydrologist, Marine Biologist, Natural Sciences Manager, and Molecular Biologist.


In Kenya, a graduate of MSc. Biomathematics can work with companies like KEMRI-Wellcome group, KEFRI, KARI, ILRI, Pharmaceutical companies, Hydrology companies, Kenya Navy as a Marine Biologists and other research firms.


Learning facilities

Our students will have access to state of the art ICT platforms like eLearning system, numerous computer laboratories, unlimited internet, a wide range of software and email.

The university also has a well-stocked library with the latest titles in Biomathematics that will be used for learning, in addition to accessible online journals.

The Institute has also collaborated with a consortium of academic and research institutes as a lead partner, to form a Centre of excellence in biomedical research, known as Center For Research In Therapeutic Sciences (CREATES), which is housed in the University. The objective of CREATES is to conduct and promote cutting-edge innovations and research in therapeutic sciences and medical genetics that address key health issues.


ENTRY Requirements

a) The following are eligible for admission into the MSc. Biomathematics:

  • Holders of First Class or Upper Second in Mathematics or a related discipline; OR

  • Holders of Lower Second Class degrees in Mathematics or a related discipline plus Postgraduate Diplomas in relevant areas; OR

  • Holders of Lower Second Class Degrees in Mathematics or related disciplines plus a minimum of two years of working experience; OR

  • Holders of other related qualifications from recognized universities.

b) In addition to meeting the above criteria, the applicants will be required to attend and pass an oral interview and a Graduate Entrance Examination (GEE).

c) They will also be required to present two reference letters from academic referees.

Contact Details

Madaraka Estate
Ole Sangale Road, PO Box 59857,
00200 City Square
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0703-034000, 0703-034200