Sep 24, 2015

School of Finance celebrates Family Day

School of Finance students during the family day

Thursday 3rd September 2015, the 2nd School of Finance and Applied Economics Family day was held in the main auditorium. The afternoon was organized by the SFAE fraternity to be concise but informative. The first part of the afternoon was lined up with speeches from the different areas of specialization within the department. The keynote speakers, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student & Academic Affairs Prof. Izael Pereira Da Silva, the Dean Dr. Olukuru, a few representatives from the alumni and student representatives from every year were the few speakers selected to make a few remarks.

The Dean, Dr. Olukuru started off with a power point presentation filled with a number of interesting photos, memes and icebreakers. This was different from the normal class-work power points characterized with slides of serious academic content. His presentation, though on a light note, was to motivate his flock; those in fourth year that the worst is over, those in third year that they are almost finishing the race, those in second year to love a challenge and those in first year that the journey is manageable. He then emphasized how education is an investment to our parents, after the four years they invested in our education, we had to give back to them. After his speech, our lecturers re-introduced themselves to us away from the conservative class environment.

A few representatives were then called upon from each class to give a short insight on their academic journeys so far. Experiences were diverse though from a common background-SFAE, a course that has proven to unite even the most diverse of people into a family. Like in every family, where the older siblings give the younger ones advice, the students from fourth year had much to say to their younger counterparts about tips to survive the journey. None shied away from pointing out the obvious, the obstacles would be there but at the end of the day nothing comes easy. Perhaps a message of hope to carry home.

After each student representative had spoken the Alumni were called upon to speak. They had a lot to offer. They after all finished the race successfully and are now in the process of reaping the fruits of their labor. Reuben Muhindi spoke about the love for people as being a factor that sets a person apart from another. To illustrate his point he alluded to the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible. His short speech served as a reminder not to focus so much on building our lives in SFAE such that we forget what we have to offer to one another. Reuben had been nominated and voted the Best Male Student during his final year in SFAE. Mercy Wasike, who had come with two of her workmates focused majorly on her journey through the course and the hurdles she had to jump to get to where she is. She did not fail to mention how the hurdles strengthened her and most importantly molded her into what she is to date. She admitted to doing the course again if given a chance. Franklin Nyabanga talked on the importance of planning and time management in SFAE. He understood the importance of planning when he began working in the actual field; so demanding was it that he needed to constantly organize himself. Ivy Kayaviri was the final alumnus to speak. She touched on a soft spot for many in SFAE, Success. She warned against undergoing the course to get A’s and instead advised for learning all that is possible from our various courses.

The final speaker for the day was Prof. Izael Pereira Da Silva; he began his speech by acknowledging he enjoyed dealing with students from SFAE mostly because of their discipline. Prof. Da Silva’s speech was centered on a book by Stephen Covey on trust. He talked about earning the trust of people around us and how important Trust as a virtue is in the corporate world and also in general living. In summary he mentioned how Character which includes integrity, motive, and intent with people, is a key point in earning the trust of other people. The output of work done is also a major determinant of the amount of trust offered by people.  

The second session was an evening cocktail at the graduation square where students from different years in School of Finance and Applied Economics interacted with the fraternity over drinks (tea, coffee and juice) and snacks.

It was an afternoon well spent! 

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