Mar 10, 2015

Burbidge Capital – Strathmore University MoU kicks off

Johnson Wachira, Valery Mumbo and Anne Keru

‘Degrees are great, but internships make a difference.’


Johnson Wachira, Valery Mumbo and Anne Keru are privileged to pioneer the Burbidge Capital internship opportunity. The partnership between Burbidge Capital and Strathmore University to offer internship opportunities to the best students from the School of Finance and Applied Economics (SFAE), is a wide-open gateway to the schools' dream of producing top notch finance professionals.

At Burbidge capital, the experience helps students to use their skills and knowledge acquired in the degree program, helping them gain further insights into the applications and demands of the market. There are opportunities to learn from the staff and management, who are ever willing to assist, at meetings and training sessions which the trio are engaged in on a regular basis.


“We spend much of our time taking part in actual work which gives us a hands-on experience. Additionally, we are given a chance to share our ideas that can contribute to the company’s growth and this makes us feel valuable and motivated to work,” this were sentiments shared by Johnson.

Anne hoped that the time spent will be extremely beneficial “We all hope that by the time the 12 week program comes to an end, we would have earned not only job offers but also shaped our careers in finance. Furthermore, we hope that the sustained partnership between Burbidge Capital and Strathmore University will benefit more students.”  While Valery was blessed to be part of the amazing program “We thank Burbidge Capital for this amazing opportunity.”


We wish the three all the best in their endeavors.

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