Nov 28, 2014

Recapping the First Value Investment Challenge - Schools Edition

The 10 students who did the best research and made the best presentation

A mix of excitement and nervousness were the emotions worn by the students from Alliance High School, Precious Blood Riruta and Kenya High School as they arrived in Strathmore University for the Value Investment Challenge - Schools Edition. Excitement because they had never done anything similar to what they were about to do and nervous for the same reason. After weeks of studying 5 of the listed companies on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in groups of 10, and maintaining virtual investment portfolios, it was finally time for the students to showcase what they had been up to. 


The task at hand: to present an objective analysis of the assigned company and give a recommendation on whether the company’s shares are a buy, sell or hold.

Allow us to take a few steps back to help you understand why this investment club and challenge were set up. Managing money and making sound investments is a skill everyone should possess in order to live happily but the reality is that very few possess it. The earlier people begin learning about making investments, the better prepared they are for life. We provide a virtual trading platform so that students can try their hand at investing and get a feel of how the real market operates. We insist on company analysis at a young age because we want to inspire investors who make decisions based on fundamental analysis. We allow them to dress executive so that they can be able to envision themselves in these positions that they aspire to be.


After a scrumptious breakfast, it was time to kick off the event. We had the pleasure of having opening speeches from Dr. John Olukuru, the Dean of Strathmore School of Finance, and Mr. Joseph Mucheru, our guest speaker for the day. Mr Mucheru is an active investor. He founded Wananchi Online, presently known as Zuku, before joining Google as the first Kenyan employee where he served as the CEO for Google in Sub Saharan Africa. He is a strong proponent of financial education that translates into financial freedom and inspired the high school students to work towards the freedom that he only came to learn about in his 40’s. He was accompanied by Elijah Kitaka, the program manager for Google in Africa. It was quite an honour to host these 2.


We had a special group of judges that ranged from industry experts, finance lecturers, all the way to exceptional final year finance students.


They listened to all the presentations from the students, eventually crowning the group that made a presentation on Equity Bank from Kenya High School as the overall winners. The presentation was led by the exceptional Faith Muthoni whose mastery, articulation and clarity was way beyond her years. She won herself a full scholarship to pursue either Bachelors of Science in Actuarial Science, Financial Economics or Finance in Strathmore University upon high school completion.


Peter Owaga from Centum Investments, who also graced the event, said to the students, “I am so amazed at what you people are doing - managing portfolios and analyzing companies. This is something that we do for a living, yet you are doing it while in high school. Count yourselves lucky!” 


Watching the students present on the 5 companies (Britam, Centum, Safaricom, Equity and Home Afrika) was inspirational. They had done their research very well. Many of the students were also maintaining portfolios that had positive returns.


There were 2 groups of winners.  

The 10 students who did the best research and made the best presentation. They will be having a lunch date with Mr. Joseph Mucheru where they will play golf and learn how deals are made. :)

The top 10 individual students who had the highest portfolios. They will have a lunch date with Mr. James Mworia, the CEO of Centum Investments.


We believe that the best gift that one can be offered, especially when young, is that of mentorship and exposure. You know what they say about standing on the shoulders of giants.


This was the pioneering group of the Value Investment Challenge - Schools Edition. In the next months, we will be expanding the program to 100 high schools. Stay tuned for updates, and reach out to us at


A huge vote of thanks to Mr. Joseph Mucheru, Elijah Kitaka, Peter Owaga, Centum Investment Group, Bernard Kiarie, Faida Investment Bank, our judges, the students, the patrons, our MC, Jessica Colaco, the Valuraha team, all the volunteers and to Strathmore University School of Finance and Applied Economics for being an excellent partner.


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