Aug 14, 2014

I&M Bank Scholarship Benefactors Speak Out

In its second scholarship give away, I&M has granted full- four year scholarships to the School of Finance and Applied Economics (SFAE) faculty, benefiting Rolly Rotich and Gloria Kendi. I&M has been awarding scholarship grants under a four year gap duration period, gaining ground in meshing the amiable relationship it has with the school. This initiative has ensured that outstanding students from destitute backgrounds do not miss out on quality education at Strathmore University, in the fields such as actuarial science, finance and financial economics.


Anyone who is well affirmed with Rolly’s attributes can attest to his eloquence and leadership traits. Being the first born in a family of four, he has a big share of responsibilities which he has to fulfil. The whole experience of earning his scholarship, has taught him that God works. After the painful experience of losing his father, two years ago, the scholarship has been a gift which will enable him achieve his ideals.


Gloria, the other benefactor, is a self-motivated and visionary lady, with a huge heart for charity and mathematics. She tells of the difficult times the family has gone through since the retrenchment of her parents, which contributes to her humanitarian and hardworking spirit. The I&M bank offer has greatly confirmed her destined purpose.


When the first MOU was signed in 2010, I&M bank sponsored ten students, four of whom finished their degrees with First Class honours. With brighter days ahead, I&M benefactors have a fair share of success stories to come.


One outstanding student and benefactor from the pioneering class; Meleah Oleche’s academic merits are one to reckon with. Mr. Oleche recorded the top scorer in Mathematics exams countrywide in 2008 KCSE examinations, which without mention, reveals his passion for the subject. With I&M’s bank involvement, Strathmore became an option for Oleche making it viable for him to pursue the course of his desires; Actuarial Science. His credentials have made him viable for a Yale University or Oxford University program of which he awaits scholarship offers.


Anthony Mwangi Wagacha, also a benefactor of the I&M scholarship initiative now works at KPMG African Limited as an audit, tax, and advisory service provider. His skills, and professionalism, all learnt from Strathmore, put him at the forefront at the interview for this job.


Together in one accord, they all sing the mantra: Thank you I&M bank for making it possible!          

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