Teaching Faculty

Mary Wanza Kipkemoi

Mathematical Finance

I am curious and experimental by nature. I like new ideas and will dig deeper and deeper to reveal the patterns of life and find ways of applying the new ideas to add value to those around me. My curiosity and love for  patterns led me to enjoy and excel in Math and thereafter a researcher with a numerical bias. At Strathmore I wear many  hats. I serve as a knowledge partner at the Think Business Annual Insurance awards and  Investment awards.   Administratively, I champion the quality assurance for the Institute of /mathematical Sciences, assist new academic and professional programmes in pricing their academic courses for  internal and external(regulators) approvals; I also mentor female students enrolled in the University as well  as sponsoring a career mentorship programme for girls enrolled at Lesirwo Secondary School, Kipkelion  Kericho county. I also plan fun team building and strategy workshops for my colleagues.   In my own time, I  enjoy reading,learning languages and developing art works in wrought iron. I am currently learning Kalenjin  (a local nilotic language) and French.   The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s must be  beautiful; the ideas, like the colors or the words must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test:  there is no permanent place in this world for ugly mathematics. A Mathematician’s Apology (London 1941).

I participate in research with a bias on financial aspects in low income groups and their embedded  networks and coordinate the annual financial clinic that offers individual and household level pro bono  financial advice.

Financial Data Visualization Project (Data commentary associate) at   Strathmore University July 2015  –  Present (5 months)

Through the visualization project Strathmore university hopes to present data in a more compelling and  accessible format. By providing well researched commentary flags and deeper  insight from professor  Terry Ryan with over 30 years of experience  in  macro-economic policy formulation, we hope to enhance  the understanding of otherwise standard line graphs of economic history. It is then envisioned through this  process, researchers and policy makers will have a stronger starting base of a feel of macro economics in  Kenya leading to deeper research and analysis.

I lecture Financial Math, Computing for actuarial, economics and finance and Communication for  actuaries.

Email Address: mmutinda@strathmore.edu