Dr. Rachel Waema Mbogo

Director, Graduate Research and Training

Applied mathematics Bsc. (Honors), (University Of Nairobi), Industrial mathematics Msc. (Distinction), (University of Nairobi) Biomathematics PhD. (Distinction)

Dr. Mbogo has a broad background in the application of mathematical modeling applied to biology, with particular expertise in dynamical systems and stochastic processes for modeling HIV and malaria. In her position of leadership at Strathmore, she has directed and organized many international mathematics conferences and workshops devoted to enhancing collaborative research networks in mathematical sciences. Dr. Mbogo works closely with the National AIDS Control Council (NACC), which is the main HIV policy-making body in Kenya. She has also collaborated with researchers internationally on scientific research problems. As an academic and research director, Dr. Mbogo has been involved in developing curriculums both for undergraduate and graduate students in Biomathematics, as well as being a curriculum reviewer for commission of University Education in Kenya.

Dr. Mbogo has been working towards developing and strengthening collaborations and partnerships between mathematical scientists, bioinformatics and biological scientists. Through this collaborations her hope is to contribute to our society and find solutions to the problems that harm our quality of life.  Some of the research partnerships initiated are listed below:

  • Professor Farai Nyabadza of Stellenbosch University. “The impact of long term antiretroviral treatment on the incidence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)” since 2016 – ongoing research.
  • Faraimunashe Chirove of University of KwaZulu-Natal. “The roles of Langerhans cells (LCs) in HIV infection” 2014. Currently on a collaborative research to investigate “the economic and social burden of malaria to households in sub-Saharan Africa”.
  • Carsten Hartmann, Head of the Computational Stochastics group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany. “ Dynamical systems modeling”. 
  • Working with National AIDS Control council (NACC) -Kenya with the objective of providing Policy and a Strategic framework for mobilizing and coordinating resources for prevention of HIV transmission and provision of care and support to the infected and affected people in Kenya.
  • Collaboration with Technical University of Kenya (TUK) through Dr. Salesio Mbogo Kiura in response to the NRF MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH GRANT call 2018. Project title: “Analytics Dashboard for Monitoring and Surveillance of environment and health service delivery to Achieve Universal Health Care: Case of Cancer

Collaboration with National AIDS Control council (NACC) and University of Nairobi in response to the NRF MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH GRANT call 2018. Project title: “Investigating the impact of long term Antiretroviral Treatment on the incidence of Non Communicable Diseases in Kenya “.

  • Mbogo, W. R and  Nyabadza F. (2018). “On the future of HIV related cancers: Insights from a mathematical model”, BioMed Research International. Under review.Mbogo, W. R and  Nyabadza F. (2018). “HIV and Non-communicable diseases co-morbidity – a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis”, Journal of Biological Dynamics. Under review.Mbogo, W. R., Luboobi, L. S., and Odhiambo, J. W. (2018). “A Stochastic Model for Malaria Transmission Dynamics”, Journal of Applied Mathematics. vol. 2018, Article ID 2439520, 13 pages, doi:10.1155/2018/2439520.Ngina P. M, Mbogo, W. R and Luboobi L.S (2018).  “Modelling Optimal control of in-host HIV Dynamics using different control strategies”, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
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“A stochastic model for malaria transmission dynamics” at the Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA) Conference, Arusha, Tanzania, 20th-23rd November 2017.


“Mathematical Modeling in Biosciences” at the Kenya Paediartric Association 17th Annual Scientific conference: Beyond child survival: Nutrition and child development,  Kisumu – Acacia Premier Hotel, April 25 – 28, 2017.

Hepatocytic -Erythrocytic dynamics of Malaria under therapy”, at  The  EAUMP  Conference, October 26-28, 2016, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

“Stochastic In – host disease Modeling”, at the International school on Mathematical Epidemiology (ISME), September 1-5, 2014, Strathmore University, Kenya.

Mathematical Model for Langerhans cells and HIV evolution” at The 2nd Strathmore International Mathematics Conference, August 12th – 16th, 2013, Strathmore, Kenya.

Stochastic model for In-Host HIV virus dynamics with Therapeutic intervention”, at  The 2nd EAUMP  Conference, 22nd – 25th August 2012, Arusha, Tanzania.

Stochastic modelling of HIV dynamics within an individual and its management” at the International Mathematics Research Meeting” , July 23 -27, 2012, Strathmore University, Kenya.

Managing Chronic Conditions through Hosted  Medical Records in Kenya”  International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), Proceedings of Med-e-Tel 2011.

Dr Mbogo’s  overall goal as a teacher is to make mathematics interesting, possible and relevant to students.

As a teacher,  Rachel  never stops learning and she uses self-reflection as one of performance measures to gauge her growth as a professional.  “Looking back over course material and teaching methodology, I can reflect on what has worked in the courses I have taught, as well as what hasn’t worked”.  Rachel’s  hope is to continually use her past experience and current knowledge to better her performance as a mathematics teacher.

During her academic career, Rachel has had the opportunity to both study as well as teach mathematics in public and private Universities. Dr. Mbogo teaches applied mathematics to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Email Address: rmbogo@strathmore.edu

Telephone Number: + 254 703 034 166