Training on LaTeX for Academic and Scientific Writing

Aug 1, 2017 to Aug 4, 2017

Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Training on LaTeX for Academic and Scientific Writing


Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences will offer a four days course on LaTeX at the University premises.


About the Course?
LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting document preparation system based on TeX. As a free software, LaTeX has stylistic uniformity, bibliography support, sophisticated structuring abilities, reference tracking and highly extendible capabilities.

Why the Course?
LaTeX guarantees high typographical quality of the documents [thesis, letters, CV, exams, books, office reports etc] that you can be able to produce. LaTeX allows you to clearly separate the content from the format of your document. As a writer this gives you the opportunity to focus on the “what”, the creative part of your work, rather than the “how” is it going to look when printed out in paper.

It’s eligible to students, teachers, scientists, lecturers, researchers among others.
LaTeX is widely used in academia for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields, including econometrics. It also has a prominent role in the preparation and publication of books and reports for institutions and companies.


No prerequisite knowledge required.

The training will enable the learners:

  • Produce high quality documents for personal, institutional, academic and scientific audience.
  • Generate Indices, references, footnotes easily.
  • Typeset of mathematic formulae in a convenient way
  • Encourages authors to write well-structured texts by specifying structure.
  • Produce presentation with consistent layout, fonts, tables etc for thesis and other reports

Course Outline
The course content is sub-categorised into three main parts as follows:

Part one: The basics in LaTeX

  • Installation of LaTeX and LaTeX Editor(s)
  • Main Features of LaTeX
  • Online LaTeX resources
  • Working with LaTeX and Errors in LaTeX
  • Typesetting in Mathematics 
  • Environments and Packages in LaTeX

Part two: Some structured documents in LaTeX

  • Document Title and Abstract 
  • Chapters, Section, Subsections, Labels and Cross-referencing
  • Importing Graphics
  • Figures, Floats and Caption
  • Tables in LaTeX
  • Bibliographies/References
  • Part three: Presentations in LaTeX
  • Presentations with Beamer 
  • Drawing with TikZ


Registration Form:

You can register by submitting your details through the form below:



Fee: 25,000 per participant (writing materials, refreshments and lunch)


Cancellation Policy
For withdrawal cases, the portion of course fee to be refunded is based on date of notice as follows:
2 weeks before commencement of the course - Full refund
Less than 2 weeks before commencement of the course - 70% refund
On or after date of commencement - No refund
Important Dates
Registration deadline: 28th July 2017
Payment deadline: 28th July 2017
Mode of Payment:
Via Mpesa:
Business number is 100219,
Account number is "mathsconference”
Via Bank deposit
Name: Strathmore University
Account Number and Currency: 0102044844000 (KES)
Bank Branch: Karen



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