Areas of Expertise
Brenton Peterson
Research Affiliate
B.A., Political Science (Brigham Young University), M.A., Foreign Affairs (University of Virginia), Doctoral Candidate, Foreign Affairs (University of Virginia)
Research Interests
  • African political economy, ethnic politics, state- and nation-building
  • International political economy of foreign aid and migration
  • Program evaluation, causal inference, experimental measurement of social attitudes

Work in progess

  • Strategic Choices in Election Campaigns: Measuring the Vice-Presidential Home State Advantage with Synthetic Controls (with Boris Heersink), Under review
  • People Like Us Can't Get a Loan": Ethnic Politics and Self-Selection Out of Available Social Services
  • State Provision of Services and Identity Formation: Evidence from Kenya's Hunger Safety Net Program.
  • The Synthetic Control Method as Data Pre-Processing (with Boris Heersink)

Conference Presentations

  • "Buying Support? Chinese Engagement in Africa and UN Voting Patterns" African Studies Association Annual Meeting. November 2012. With Sarah Andrews [Presented by Sarah Andrews].
  • "For Safety or Self-Interest? The Political Economy of State Travel Advisories." International Political Economy Society Meeting. November 2012. With Steven Liao.
  • "Doctors with Borders: Occupational Licensing as an Implicit Barrier to High Skill Migration." International Political Economy Society Meeting. November 2012. With Sonal Pandya and David Leblang [Presented by Sonal Pandya].
  • "Paper Walls: Occupational Licensing and Physician Migration to the U.S." Midwest Political Science Association Conference. April 2012. With Sonal Pandya and David Leblang.

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • "Doctors with Borders: Occupational Licensing as an Implicit Barrier to High-Skill Migration." 2014. Public Choice 160: 45-63. (with Sonal Pandya and David Leblang)

               - Media coverage: NPR, Slate, The Monkey Cage


Non-academic Publications

  • "Utah needs study to determine economic e ect of wilderness." Salt Lake Tribune, May 7, 2011, Op-Ed.
  • "Picking at a scab." Alpinist, volume 34: Spring, 2011, p. 13-14.
  • Foreign Study Fellowship, University of Virginia  - 2015
  • Dumas Malone Graduate Research Fellowship -  2014-2015
  • Summer Foreign Language Fellowship, University of Virginia - 2014
  • Public Humanities Fellowship in South Atlantic Studies - 2014
  • Louise and Alfred Fernbach Fellowship - 2013
  • Dee Family Global Scholarship - 2013
  • Fellow, Quantitative Collaborative, UVA -  2011-2013

Contact Details

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Ole Sangale Road, PO Box 59857,
00200 City Square
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0703-034000, 0703-034200